Janod - Hot Piranha Game


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Ever heard of Hot Potato? Well, this is Hot Piranha! 33 cards depicting 16 fish and the piranha are included in this game from Janod. The dealer shuffles and hands out all of the cards but the person on their left gets one extra which is where the game starts. Each player places their matches together and face down in front of them. The starting person passes a card to the next player who may or may not be able to use the card to match one of their own. They in turn pass on a card to the next player and so on. Skill is required as you need to match more fish than anyone else to win but make sure you don't get left with the Hot Piranha at the end or you lose! Hot Piranha comes in a carry case with a handle which makes him a great game for on the go or just to store neatly in the playroom when you're done.

Dimensions: Cards 7cm x 10.5cm

Age Range: 4 - 8 years