Janod - Essentials Mirrors Box


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Discover your world from a different view with the Essentials Mirror Box from Janod. One of several in the range, it follows the trend of STEM learning which means even the littlies are developing a great head start! The range has been co-developed with a pre-school specialist, to introduce educational concepts in a simple and fun way, making them a great resource not only at home, but for kindergartens, child care centres and schools as several products in the range are aged from the age of 18 months.

The triangular activity box is fitted with unbreakable mirrors on 4 different sides and 3 magnifying glasses of different colours that magnetise to the last side. The glasses are made from water painted beech wood and have blue, red and yellow filters to discover the world in several colours. The mirrors create a visual stimulation as there is a normal mirror, a rotating mirror but also a bubble mirror and a convex mirror, both of which distort your view for hilarious fun! A unique and entertaining concept by Janod for hours of amusement.

Dimensions: 21cm x 17.4cm x 15.3cm

Age Range: 18 months+