Janod - Magic Carrot Strategy Game


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Let's hop to It! The rabbit has brought all the carrots down to his burrow... but be careful or he might disappear! The Magic Carrot Strategy Game is made from FSC wood and is larger than it looks. Ideal for little hands, you need to slot the burrow together and place all the carrots inside. Taking it in turns, each player rolls the dice and chooses a carrot to pull that is a corresponding colour. But beware, if you remove too many, the rabbit will fall down and you will lose the game! Together with the cute little bunny with long felt ears, the game includes his burrow, 12 carrots and a dice. Perfect for children aged 3 years and over, the Magic Carrot Strategy Game will help develop fine motor skills, colour recognition, patience and concentration.

Dimensions: 25cm x 5.5cm x 25cm

Age Range: 3 - 6 years