Janod - Mosaic Large Kitchen


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Move over MasterChef! Kids creating in a kitchen like this are bound to come up with some ground-breaking recipes! The Mosaic Large Kitchen from Janod is a stylish combination of natural wood, black accents and coloured mosaics to deliver a contemporary retro style. The large, all-wood kitchen has hooks for hanging up the included metal utensils, a slotted spoon, pan and metal colander, and a pantry shelf to store your 3 cardboard food boxes of cheese, flour and rice. Just like mum and dad's kitchen, it is equipped with a cooktop featuring LED lights and real sound effects. Just press the red buttons once to turn the plates on, then a second time to hear the sound of the water boiling in the pan. But don't worry, you won't burn anything, the sound and lights turn off automatically after 30 seconds, or when you press the red buttons a third time. This fully equipped kitchen also includes an oven, microwave and storage cupboard, plus 3 rotary knobs with sound effects. The sink is stainless steel and the clock has adjustable arms to learn the time or use as a 'timer' while cooking. Imaginative role play at it's best!

The cooktop takes 2 x AA alkaline batteries which are not included.

Dimensions: 55cm x 30cm x 87cm

Age Range: 3 - 8 years