Janod - Pom Pom Animals


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5 do-it-yourself animal pompoms are included in this cute craft set. Each animal is composed of a body and a pair of feet, a cardboard disk and a ball of wool. To make the pompom, choose an animal, a disc and the corresponding wool, place the disc over the animal and then wind the wool around making sure it goes through the middle of both pieces. Once the ball of wool is finished, cut the wool all the way around between the animal and the disk. Tie the pompom around the middle between the animal and the disc to hold the wool together and once secured you can remove the cardboard disc. Fix the feet to the animal and your super cute figurine is done! The animals included are a cat, wolf, chick, fox and rabbit plus you get 5 balls of wool, 2 of which have silver thread for some extra sparkle! Presented in a sturdy box made from card with a fabric carry handle.

Dimensions: 26cm x 4.5cm x 22cm

Age Range: 6 - 12 years