About Janod

Janod is a French brand with over 50 years experience, specialising in the creation of beautifully designed, colourful and original toys. It has stood the test of time by adapting to the needs of children discovering its toys for the first time, and the memories of their parents who have grown up with them.

Janod are driven by their motivation to offer children a true moment of ESCAPE, to inspire children to DREAM, and to make children HAPPY through the simple pleasure of play.

All Janod toys are designed in France and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements. Janod are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly toys ensuring safety and sustainability. Janod strive to make their packaging as compact as possible and all plastic elements in packaging use biodegradable or recycled materials. The cardboard packaging is also recycled and recyclable. FSC-certified wood ensures it originates from responsibly managed forests that preserve biodiversity, the ecology and renewable resources, as well as protecting the rights of indigenous people. All Janod FSC-certified product is marked with the FSC logo.

The Janod range includes educational learning toys, puzzles, construction sets, instruments, games and outdoor toys.