Janod - Reversible Kitchen Laundry


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The Janod Reversible Kitchen Laundry is a fantastic way for littlies to explore real life skills and encourage role play at the same time. Made from wood, the kitchen on the front is fully equipped with an oven, microwave, pantry cupboard and stainless-steel sink. The oven has movable knobs that 'click' when you turn them and the cooktop has LED lights and sound effects just like a real kitchen. Simply press the red buttons once to see the cooktop rings light up, then a second time to hear water boiling. Push the buttons a third time to turn them off. But if you forget, don't worry, nothing will boil over, the cooktop will switch off automatically after 30 seconds. The kitchen also comes with metals utensils including a ladle, strainer, egg flip and a pasta server, a saucepan with lid and a colander. It even has an oven mitt so you're ready to cook up a storm!

Flip the kitchen around so you can do the washing! The open shelves are perfect for storing your laudry powder and washbags. Just pop your washing in the front loader and move the dials to choose your load options. The washer dials also have sound effexts that 'click' when you turn them. Make sure you check the time on the clock so you know when the cycle is finished to come back and hang everything out to dry! Compact and contemporary, the Janod Reversible Kitchen and Laundry is perfect for teaching healthy and essential role play life skills which kids love emulating in the playroom and who doesn't love a multi-functional toy that takes up very little room and looks great too?

Dimensions: 55cm x 32cm x 90.5cm

Age Range: 3 - 8 years